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How to convert PDFs

Choose all your PDF files you would like to convert, select the output file format and start the conversion. A few seconds later you can save your converted PDF files on your computer.

Supports many file types

This PDF Converter can convert PDF files to various other file formats. For each target file format there are options to control the conversion.

Ease of use

PDF24 makes it as easy and fast as possible to convert PDF files to other formats. You don't have to install or configure anything, but select your PDF files and start the conversion.

Supports your system

There are no special requirements for converting PDF files to other files. The online PDF converter works with all common operating systems and browsers.

No installation required

You don't need to download or install any software. The conversion of your PDFs is done on our servers in the cloud and therefore will not consume resources from your computer.

Security is important to us

This online PDF Converter does not store your files on our server longer than necessary. Your files and results will be removed from our system after a short time.

Developed by Stefan Ziegler

What others are saying

With this tool I can quickly and easily convert PDF files to various other formats, depending on what I need. Even Word files are possible.
If I need to extract text from a PDF quickly, then I can do it with this tool here. Select a PDF and get a text or Word file. That's really simple.

Questions and Answers

How can I convert PDFs into other file formats such as Word?

  1. Use the file selection box at the top of the page to select the PDF files you want to convert to another format such as Word.
  2. Now select the file format to which you want to convert your PDFs. Select Word if you want to convert your PDF files to the Word file format.
  3. Start the conversion of your PDFs by clicking the Convert button.
  4. Save the converted PDF files by using the download button.

Is it secure to use PDF24 Tools?

PDF24 takes the protection of files and data very seriously. We want our users to be able to trust us. Security aspects are therefore a permanent part of our work.

  1. All file transfers are encrypted.
  2. All files are automatically deleted from the processing server within one hour after processing.
  3. We do not store files and do not evaluate them. Files will only be used for the intended purpose.
  4. PDF24 is operated by a German company, Geek Software GmbH. All processing servers are located in data centres within the EU.
  5. Alternatively, you can get a desktop version of the PDF24 tools with the PDF24 Creator. All files remain on your computer here, as this software works offline.

Can I use PDF24 on a Mac, Linux or Smartphone?

Yes, you can use PDF24 Tools on any system with which you have access to the Internet. Open PDF24 Tools in a web browser such as Chrome and use the tools directly in the web browser. You do not need to install any other software.

You can also install PDF24 as an app on your smartphone. To do so, open the PDF24 Tools in Chrome on your smartphone. Then click on the "Install" icon in the upper right corner of the address bar or add PDF24 to your start screen via the Chrome menu.

Can I use PDF24 offline without an Internet connection?

Yes, Windows users can also use PDF24 offline, i.e. without an Internet connection. Simply download the free PDF24 Creator and install the software. The PDF24 Creator brings all PDF24 tools to your PC as a desktop application. Users of other operating systems should continue to use PDF24 Tools.

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