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Here's how it works

Select the files you want to view or drag them into the active field. After a few seconds your files are prepared and shown within an online PDF viewer.

Not only supports PDF

This viewer does not only support PDF files. You can also select other files. The tool automatically converts your file to PDF and then opens the generated PDF.

Simple handling

We make it as easy and fast as possible for you to view your files online. You don't need to install or configure anything, just choose your files.

Supports your system

There are no special requirements for your system to display files. This tool works with all common operating systems and browsers.

No installation required

You do not need to install any software. This online reader for various files and PDFs works directly in your browser. No additional software is required.

Security is important to us

Your files will not be accessible on our system for longer than necessary. Your files and results will be removed from our system after a short time.

I often receive files with different file formats by e-mail. If I'm not sure if a specific file is secure, I open it with this viewer and so I am protected against viruses and other kinds of malware.
Very nice app, which I like to use when I don't have a suitable reader for specific files at hand, but have to open and display the files. With this tool I can open many different files.
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