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The free PDF24 Creator includes a PDF Reader with many useful features.

Free of charge No limitations Offline Many features Many translations


The slim PDF24 Reader leaves nothing to be desired and is often used to display PDFs.
  • Slim, fast and resource-saving
  • Many features
  • Part of PDF24 Creator
  • One software for all PDF problems
  • Complete alternative to other PDF readers
With the PDF24 Creator you can solve any PDF problem. You only need to install one software, because the PDF24 Creator contains many other useful tools in addition to the PDF Reader.

Questions and Answers

How do I install the PDF24 Reader?

Download the PDF24 Creator and install this software. The PDF24 Reader is part of the PDF24 Creator along with many other tools. After installation you can open your PDF files with the PDF24 Reader.

Is the PDF24 Reader free of charge?

Yes, the PDF24 Reader is free of charge. All other tools in the PDF24 Creator are also free of charge. This is one of the reasons why so many people in the world use the PDF24 Creator.

How do I open a file with the PDF24 Reader?

To open a PDF file with PDF24 Reader, simply right-click on the desired file and select "Open with". Then select "PDF24 Reader" and the PDF will then be opened in the PDF24 Reader.

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